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I am jealous of everybody who is with you when I’m not with you.
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Interview: Joe Spurgeon

Rhythm Magazine

October 2014

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"Creepy girls you’re just my style, blood red lipstick you don’t smile, falling victim to your fantasy - damn, i love that you’re so creepy.”(X)

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This was going to originally be a feature in our latest Zine but recently we found we won’t be able to complete the project for some time as yet again, we’ll be on the road and are wrapped up in a hundred other things that are swatting to be tended to. For now, we’re very happy to share this interview here that we got to do in August with Robert Levon Been of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. 

Many Thanks to the lovely Paula K for helping us out and to RLB for granting us the opportunity to badger him with our questions.


Sep 28, 2014
Sep 28, 2014

Some kind of strange ‘Come Full Circle’ thing seems to be occurring right now in terms of concerts…..

The other night, I saw The Used, Taking Back Sunday and Frank Iero (previously from My Chemical Romance)……all bands from my formative years….next month, I’ll be seeing Gerard Way (also previously of My Chemical Romance), The Horrors and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club.

Now, what’s odd here is that this is all a line of people that have meant the world to me for years and years and I just HAPPEN to be seeing them all in one shot, but also, what’s strange about how things will fold out is each band I’ll be seeing, I have found out from the previous act.

To be clear…..we’ll start with MCR. Through Gerard Way, I found out about The Horrors, and through The Horrors, I found out about BRMC.

I find it seriously crazy that I’ll be seeing everyone in the order of who led to the other.

What does it all mean?????

Sep 28, 2014

Had a damn amazing time at the Used/Taking Back Sunday/FrnkIero + the Cellabration show the other night.

Shall write more later.

For now, I can definitely say there is many thanks going out to The Used right now because I can’t imagine any better therapy than shouting ” FUCK YOU, I WON’T DO WHAT YOU TELL ME” over and over, with hundreds of other people. I haven’t felt that elated since I don;t know when.

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ICEAGE/You’re Nothing

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